Blippi Mind Control? He Won’t Stop Until Every Single Child Is Under His Control

Research suggests that Youtube sensation Blippi currently has at least 83% of children in the world under his control. These numbers are incredibly impressive and has every influencer wondering how he managed to become so powerful. Blippi is using mind control to force children to watch his content. Science suggests that his mind control comes from a psychological stand point rather than some sort of physical neurological device. Blippi uses his words carefully and cultivates himself into the minds of every child that has even seen a single time. Between convincing every child they are intelligent and supplying them with the praise their father never gives them, and acting silly and innocent to harness their trust, Blippi has proven himself to be a master manipulator.

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Can Blippi’s Mind Control Be Stopped?

At this point you might be asking yourself “well why can’t Blippi be stopped?” and we will explain the phenomenon in detail. Blippi is invincible because he offers a priceless service; virtual babysitting through youtube. Every parent with a Blippi fan for a kid values Blippi babysitting time more than they value their own life. No one is willing to lose this valuable break just to make a statement.

What Do Other Parents Think About This?

We interviewed an Robert Patsonberg, an Orange County California father who has been informed of the mind control tactics of Blippi. Robert said “I know it seems wrong to value Blippi’s services over the wellbeing of my child, but my wellbeing matters too. Blippi mind control time is my only opportunity to make a phone call, or prepare a meal, or even just enjoy a second of my repetitive and busy life. If Blippi ends up fundamentally changing my son, then in my eyes it is for the better. Even if negative side effects follow, I will be thankful for the time alone that Blippi gave me. It is a difficult decision to make, but I would make it 10,000 times over again if I had the chance”.

Wonderful parenting Robert, I know you have me convinced. I definitely will give Blippi consent to mind control my future child as well.

Realible World News will be sure to keep readers up-to-date on all things Blippi and psychology. Stay tuned for more as the story develops.

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