Pokemon Master Sex is Nintendo’s Hottest New App Game

Pokemon Master Sex Brand New Approach

I thought this was too good to be true. But surprise, Pokemon Master Sex is real. This game pulls out all the stops of a great Pokemon game and a great hook up app. Nintendo promises a brand new Pokemon experience. Reggie Fils-Aime, former president of Nintendo of America, said, “I was one of the lucky few who got to test this game before release. I loved it, but my wife didn’t!” Reggie further said that, before this new app game, he hated Jigglypuff, but now he can’t get enough of her.

Pokemon Master Sex integrates technology from Pokemon Go and popular dating apps. People will be able to create their team, and the app will match them with local singles with complementary teams. This is genius. Since there is no better personality map than a Pokemon team, Nintendo is confident this app will blow all other dating apps out of the water.

Risks With This New Game

Our main concern with this new game is Pokemon’s younger audience. Pokemon is made for children, so this drastic change in target audience might throw people off. I wouldn’t want my child to try and catch a Charmander but end up at the bar with the local MILF. Will there be built in childproofing in the app? Or will parents need to remain diligent?

Pokemon Master Sex also comes with a bizarre new feature no one was asking for. After verifying your age, the game give the option to toggle on genitalia for the Pokemon. “We want this new ‘adult’ Pokemon game to come with authentic anatomy. We couldn’t name the game Pokemon Master Sex and not, you know, let the Pokemon have sex.” Pokemon made a major leap with this new game. Will children still be able to enjoy Pokemon as they always have? Would you let your child play this new Pokemon game?