National Nudes Day Hijacked By Perverts, Millions Of Searches Reached

While the world embraces the idea of opening up about their bodies and working to gain confidence in their bodily expression, a local California man has more selfish intentions. National Nudes Day was today, and search engines show sketchy results. Daily search engine reports have collected data exposing a Californian man’s internet history. The man in question allegedly searched “#NationalNudesDay” 1,469,420,469 times in one day. No one seems to know if he has found what he is searching for. Research suggest that it could take another 3,000,000 refreshes until his search is complete. As of writing this article, the infamous man has reached 1,521,697,253 hashtag searches. This suggests that his fiending will not be coming to an end any time soon.

This man is not alone though, as search engine analyses show that the hashtag is being searched for across the world. If you total the combined results, the hash tag has likely be searched for billions of times. Will thiese stats stop people from posting? No one knows yet for sure.

What Is National Nudes Day?

National Nudes Day is all about normalizing the human body. No one should feel uncomfortable about what lies under their clothes. People like this Californian man take advantage of these types of situations. As people post confident pictures in spirit of the holiday, this guy just sits back and reaps the benefits. If anyone imagined this guy enjoying their nudes, they would think twice about posting. We can’t let people like this man ruin a good thing. Body positivity is important. These perverts should feel ashamed, not the people posting pictures. What are your thoughts on National Nudes Day? Is it beneficial and positive? Or do you believe it is perverted and inappropriate? Let us know in the comments.

Realible World News will be making this our top priority tonight, and we will be updating the world on this intriguing man’s progress.