Incompetent Mother Admits [adult swim] Plays a Larger Parenting Role than Her

This morning, an incompetent mother realized she has lost all control of her child when she tried to blame her own negligence on [adult swim], a world renowned TV station known for mature programming. Why is this station taking a parenting role for this child? How could this woman allow her young child to stumble into this late night programming, then play the victim? Science says, “If I give my 18 month old son an open bottle of Kirkland’s Vodka and tell his it’s mommy, I’m certainly not gonna blame Costco when he sucks it like a boob.”

Modern technology gives children more freedom than they have ever had. However, this same technology makes it simple and convenient for parents to monitor the content their children are viewing. [adult swim] has yet to give this unfit mother any recognition.

Do You Agree With The Incompetent Mother?

At Realible World News we believe that entertainment is not a fitting substitute for parenting. Even if the entertainment is very Realible and trustworthy, it cannot be a parent. Parenting is complicated, and there are many different routes you can take. A television set can never do what a child needs to grow. We do not agree with this incompetent mother. It is okay to allow your children to watch something they shouldn’t watch. The line gets blurred once a kid is sneaking the television show. The parent should talk with their child, lay down the rules, and explain why they don’t want them watching the program. Blaming the television show for existing isn’t an appropriate move. If the show is created for adults and airs late at night, it is no longer the networks fault if a child watches.

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