Best Songs To Boogie To

Boogie vs Body?

The 1970s began the era of the Boogie. Boogieing is an international fad. From the 1970s till today, parents passed down boogieing from one generation to the next. Tom Morey invented the first Boogie Board in 1971. Many insist that Body boarding in the actual name for the activity being referred to. However, Research shows that Boogie boarding is a much more fun name. 9/10 people agreed that Boogie boarding was more appealing than body boarding. Nonetheless, this is the Research approved list of the Best Songs To Boogie To.

1. Hotel California by The Eagles

Tom Morey invented Boogie Boarding visiting Hawaii. Similar to Hawaii, California has surf pride. That’s why Hotel California made the Best Songs To Boogie To list. This song has all the chill vibes and catchy tune you would need while catching waves. Belly down on your board coasting, Hotel California in your AirPods; that is pure ecstasy.

2. Drowning by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

This American Rapper prides himself on his Boogie board expertise. Shown by his name, this man loves to boogie board with his hoodie on. This may seem odd to some, but it’s the reason this song made the cut on the Best Songs To Boogie To. Drowning is all about his fear of falling off his boogie board and being swept out to sea. This fear is universal in all boogie boarders. Ever boogie enthusiast feels like they’re on top of the world when they’re catching that major wave, but the moment they lose the security of their board, there’s nothing but pure terror. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie captures that feeling perfectly with Drowning.

3. Best Feeling By Keller Williams & The String Cheese Incident

The unanimously decided, greatest pick for the Best Songs To Boogie To is Best Feeling, by Kello Williams & The String Cheese Incident. This song never broke out of the underground boogie boarding scene. Nonetheless, the real Boogie Board masters listen exclusively to this song on repeat. Since Boogie boarding is truly the BEST FEELING in the world, why would you want to listen to anything else?