Fans Boycott MLB After Realizing Baseball is Gay

Baseball revolves entirely around men swinging their big, long rods, while other men around try to grab their balls. How could the masses not realize that every baseball player is gay? And why wait this long to boycott MLB? Baseball players don’t even try to hide their homosexual urges. In passing, they slap each other’s butts as they whisper sweet nothings. The crowd in the grandstands were too busy munching on peanuts and cotton candy to realize, until today. Now fans boycott MLB after years of loyalty.

Dale Scott, one of the few baseball players to come of as gay, faced backlash. He was confused as to why no one already knew he was gay, since he was a baseball player. Baseball is most popular with older demographics, who are less likely to be accepting of baseball’s strikingly obvious gay undertones. Boycott MLB will most likely be forgotten, but, now that the secret’s out, will baseball ever be the same?

Why Would Fans Boycott MLB For Being Gay?

We don’t know why fans are just now canceling MLB for being gay. It has always been gay. For decades homosexuals used pitching and catching as euphemisms for giving or receiving gay sex. The signs were always there. No one knows if the fans were just in denial, or if they really someone didn’t see the connections. Perhaps the fans are in denial themselves. If their favorite sport is gay, perhaps they are gay too. The topic gets complex if looked into too deeply. There are endless possibilities on why fans would be reacting this way. None of those possibilities are justifiable though. A true fan is a true fan. No one should let anything come between them and their favorite activity. Do you still back baseball? Let us know in the comments if you are boycotting baseball, or if you are an ally of the LGBT community.

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