Designer Wardrobe Enthusiast Surprised When Child Arrives Instead of $10,000 Wardrobe

A designer wardrobe enthusiast from Orange County, California woke up to a life changing surprise. Reports say that the unnamed man received his long-awaited delivery, but to his surprise there was a child inside the wardrobe. How did he get here? Where did he come from? Where did he go? These are the questions that has the media in a frenzy. One theory is that the boy came out from the other end of Narnia, but another theory has a much more sinister theory.

What Theories Surround The Child In The Designer Wardrobe?

Conspiracist on the world wide web have a theory that the price of the wardrobe was actually the price of the kid. Research has confirmed that this isn’t the case though, as he wouldn’t even pay $10 for a kid, nevermind $10,000. Children cost a lot of money to support and raise, no one would pay that much for a kid as a down payment. Until someone can come up with a reason on why someone would purchase a child, we will consider this theory nothing more than a conspiracy.

One reader informed us that adoption can cost well over $10,000. This is true, but ordering a child illegally isn’t possible. The kid would never be able to attend school or be claimed on taxes. What is the point of having children if not for a tax cut? No one would want a child that comes with no benefits. For now it seems that this story is nothing more than what it looks like, an accident. Most children are accidents to begin with, but most don’t come inside of wardrobes.

Realible World News will keep an eye out as the story develops, and if another designer wardrobe hit the market.

Update 4:46 PM: The boy has been reported back in the wardrobe safe and sound. The return label worked perfectly and all is well.

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