Santa Claws Are The Alcoholic Hit Of The Holidays

White Claws dominate the summer, but now Santa Claws are here to take over the holidays. The new Christmas-friendly hard seltzer is here. White Claws are the most popular alcoholic drink of the last two years. With the hype behind alcoholic seltzers at an all-time peak, it is only fitting that White Claws surprise the world with a third pack of flavors. Just in time for the holidays, ‘Santa Claws’ is coming to town. The new 12 pack of hard seltzers come with four new seasonal flavors bound to make everyone actually enjoy the holidays.

What Are The New Seasonal White Claw Flavors?

The ‘Santa Claws’ pack comes with flavors fitting for the holidays. The flavors are Peppermint, Mistletoe, eggnog, and Santa cream. Most of these flavors sound odd and inedible, but we got a couple of reviewer packs, and the beverages do not disappoint. It taste like seltzer water with a splash of Christmas. What more could anyone possibly want for the Holidays? Even a total Scrooge will enjoy the holidays this year.

Why Are They Called Santa Claws?

While it might seem odd for a drink to blatantly refer to a Christian holiday, it is actually an incredibly smart business move. No one needs and wants alcohol more than a Christian Dad of four. This is the perfect Christmas gift for dad. It has all of the trendy and low calorie fun of the White Claw, with all the alcohol content a dad will love. Bring dad home a couple packs and Christmas is guaranteed to be a hit. Additionally, anyone can enjoy Santa Claws, even if you don’t celebrate Christmas. Everyone is a winner when the claw is the law.

What do you think about Santa Claws? Are you going to run to the store right now? We highly recommend it. Merry Christmas!