Starbucks’ New Seasonal Drink ‘Santa Cream Latte’ Removed From Menu

Starbucks is no stranger to holiday controversies. The ‘Santa Cream Latte’ was a huge hit during the 6 hours it was available. The new drink perfectly captured the holiday spirit, and fans were loving it. Reports suggest that the drink was a perfect blend of cream and peppermint. So why was the hit drink removed so quickly? It ends up the beverage was a bit inappropriate, and people were not happy to see it on the menu. Starbucks then removed their new seasonal drink from the menu.

Why Did Starbucks Remove Their New Seasonal Drink From The Menu?

Apparently the drink was too offensive to remain on the menu. Mothers around the world found the drink inappropriate to be on the menu. Starbucks has yet to make a statement, but fans have their theories. Some fans suggest that it is simply inappropriate to show the image of Santa Claus. Starbucks is not being mindful of other religions and cultures by making Santa Claus the star of the hit new drink. Others believe that the root of the issue lies within the name of the product. The Santa Cream Latte just sounds wrong. It is irresponsibility for Starbucks to release a drink that has Santa’s cream as an ingredient.

What Is Wrong With The Name Of The Drink?

It is popular to call baby gravy “cream” amongst younger crowds. Starbucks likely was not aware of the usage of this slang term. The drink’s name could imply that Santa creams in each cup. This would be false advertising. It is unlikely that there is actually Santa’s cream in each cup. That would require a lot of cream. Starbucks likely removed the beverage from the menu to avoid false advertisement claims.

Were you one of the lucky few that got their hands on the elusive Santa Cream Latte? Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed some of Santa’s cream. Hopefully Starbucks adds a new seasonal drink to replace this controversial latte.