Liberal Agenda; Kill Parents And Vote In Their Place

The libs are at it again. This time they are recommending murder. The liberal agenda suggest that the best way to make Trump lose is to literally steal his votes. Liberals say this can be achieved by killing older voters and committing voter fraud. The strategy sounds a bit immortal, but they guarantee it isn’t. In response to the controversy, one liberal said “You know what is immoral? Caging Kids. A wrong against the wrong makes a right. I am an expert on directions so I can confirm this is true”.

Is It Legal For The Liberal Agenda To Recommend Committing Murder And Voter Fraud?

Typically it would be incredibly illegal for the liberals to recommend committing murder and voter fraud. They have a way to get around this though. The libs are using memes to convey this recommendation as a joke. Insider information explains that this is not a joke though. They really do want young voters to kill their parents. The liberal agenda is using Twitter humor to mask the dark intent behind the jokes. The social media site is full of impressionable young adults that could act upon this malicious trend.

How Exactly Do They Plan To Vote For Someone Else?

The agenda suggests that the young voters take advantage of increasingly lax mail-in-ballot opportunities. By killing one’s parents and voting in their place, one young liberal could secure at least three votes for Biden. The agenda has not spread to far yet, but the attempts are there. One tweet has received 300 retweets. This may sound small, but this could have reached thousands of impressionable young voters. There are no details yet on if any heinous acts have been committed, but we will keep our eyes peeled. The government has yet to announce a plan to restrict this plot to commit voter fraud. Uneasy parents hope a public service announcement will address the agenda soon.