Emmys Apologize Over 2019 Oscar Snub By Nominating Adam Sandler For Every Single Award

Adam Sandler made waves last year with his stellar performance in the Safdie brother’s fantastic film “Uncut Gems”. Despite critical acclaim by both critics and audiences alike, Adam Sandler was not referenced at all during the 2019 Oscars. To make up for the well-known Oscar snub, the Emmys have decided to pick up the slack. The Emmys have announced that Adam Sandler will be nominated for every single award in every single category. Some fans are excited, but most are just confused. Yes, Adam Sandler was robbed of an Oscar nomination, but does he really deserve an Emmy for best sound production in a hour long prime-time drama series? Probably not.

Realible World News will be sure to keep score of how many Emmys Sandler wins. We will update the story as announcements are made.

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