4th Of July Cured Covid-19, Here’s How

Although cases of the covid-19 virus has increased since America’s favorite holiday took place, Corona Virus death rates have decreased massively. It is possible that the American people have found a way to survive the virus thanks to the 4th of July. Did the 4th of July really cure Covid-19?

What has protected the American people from corona deaths is likely related to Independence Day. The main factor contributing to increased survival rate is possiblly patriotism. The American people have used pure patriotism to survive the deadly virus. BBQ food and alcoholic beverages likely also contributed to surviving the corona virus. Alcoholic beverages sharing the name with the virus are most likely the most effective. Independent research also suggests that the more blind the patriotism the better.

What Do Patriots Think About The 4th Of July And Covid-19?

We mananged to interview a survivor of the corona virus. A very lucky middle-aged bald man sporting an American wife-beater said that “the corona virus is a hoax. I just caught a common cold, the test is a hoax”. When asked why he is so patriotic at a time like this, the American man explained that “America can do no wrong. If anyone has a problem with it, they are just sheep”. Thank you American man for this exclusive interview.

Another theory suggested by Research is that the fireworks littering the skies during Independence Day likely scared away the deadly virus. Research explains this with an analogy exclaiming to “imagine many little dogs on the 4th of July scared of fireworks and running away. Okay now just imagine many little viruses scared of fireworks and running away. There is no major difference between fireworks and viruses”. It is hard to argue with Research after bringing up such a deeply thought out analogy.

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