Trump 2024! In an Over Confident Move, Trump Starts Next Campaign

Trump 2024 is being shouted across the internet. This is because Donald Trump has announced his 2024 campaign. Trump has been saying “make America great again” for the last four years, but now he has announced that this is a 12 year plan. When asked why he is starting his next campaign early he said “I could win more than three elections. I could win every election. If you had 20 elections running at any given time, I could win all of them. I could win an election I didn’t even run for. Elections are something great. Elections are maybe the greatest type of thing to run. I am a great runner. I can run the mile faster than anyone you know. If I can run miles, I can also run for elections.” We can’t argue with any of those points.

How Can Trump 2024 Happen?

Trump plans to sign an executive order to remove term limits for presidents. Many Democrats are using this executive order to vote for Obama once again, but he has announced that he wants no part in any of this. Being president of the United States comes with its share of stressors. Therefore, it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to devote more than eight years to the role. Trump running for a third term is overly ambitious, as there is no certainty he will even win the 2020 election. If Trump wins he could be exhausted by 2022.

Realible World News will be watching this story develop like a hawk. If Trump announces his running for the 2028 election, we will be there to report it.

Edit: Trump has clarified that is running for the 2028 election. He really meant it when he said he could run for all elections. Fans are excited for the announcement.