Most Unexpected Couple’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween gives everyone the chance to be their favorite hero, the evilest villain, or the sexiest nun. Adults and children alike dress up every year for trick or treating, parties, and plain old fun. In addition, this holiday has struck a cord with couples as well. Every year you see tons of cute couple’s Halloween costumes. Some popular ones include Cinderella and Prince Charming, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Mario and Peach. However, these are pretty generic. Here, you’ll see the best, most eye catching couple’s Halloween costumes that will make you and your significant other the life of the party.

1. Gross Fat Winnie the Poo and Sexy Petite Piglet

Everyone knows the couple where the girl is way out of the guy’s league. Typically, it’s a gross, unhygienic World of Warcraft fanatic with his unexpectedly hot Hooters waitress girlfriend. We’ve thought of the perfect couple’s Halloween costume for them. The guy already has the body type of Winnie, while the girl makes for the perfect sexy Piglet.

2. Magic Mike and Another Magic Mike

With how dominated media is by straight couples, it’s often difficult for gay couple to find fitting couple’s Halloween costumes. We’ve found the perfect remedy for this. Magic Mike and his incredibly erotic physique will turn any man gay. So what’s more perfect Magic Mike and another Magic Mike for a couple’s Halloween costume?

3. Hunter and a Deer

Since this costume is completely gender neutral, it makes an appealing option to everyone. Hunting is a fantastic activity, and pretending to hunt your significant other makes it even better. The possibilities for this costume are endless. Instead of a deer, perhaps animals off the endangered species list would pair better with the hunter. Hunter and a Panda, Hunter and a Bornean Orangutan, Hunter and Giant Otter, etc.