Reopen Disneyland: Disneyland Files As A Strip Club To Qualify For Reopening

Disneyland is doing a major rebranding. Disneyland will no longer be an amusement parks. Amusement parks are closed indefinitely. Disneyland will be following the lead of other businesses that are allowed to remain open. Disneyland will now be filed as a strip club. The news is shocking to some, but welcoming to most. Whatever it takes to reopen Disneyland.

What Do People Think About Strip Club Disney?

We asked a recently let go employee currently protesting outside of the Disneyland gates. The ex. employee said “I don’t care what Disneyland is on paper. The park is the happiest place on Earth. People don’t contract diseases at the happiest place on Earth. It is safe, and it should be open. If Disneyland has to file as a strip club to remain open, so be it. I will shamelessly go and support this decision”.

Others are not so happy. We asked a counter-protestor for their opinion. The Orange County local said “I am not taking my kids to a strip club. I understand many weird 20 to 30 years olds like going to Disneyland, but this isn’t okay. We can’t just call Disneyland a strip club. It is an amusement park. You can call a cow a duck, but it is still a cow. You can’t just change what Disneyland is”.

Why Did Disneyland Do This?

Bars and strip clubs have found many ways to stay open. Disneyland is just the latest attraction to jump on the bandwagon. Bars have to sell food to stay open, and Disneyland has to pretend not to be an amusement park. Both of these things seem silly, but the government is convinced it makes sense. No one knows if Disneyland will stay a strip club forever. At the moment this is just a temporary change to beat the system.

Disneyland has done a lot throughout this pandemic. From showcasing Covid deaths outside of it’s a small world to forcing park characters to wear masks over their masks, but has Disneyland finally gone to far?

What do you think about the reopen Disneyland protests? Let us know in the comments.