#Cancel trends for the 4,304th day in a row

Consistency is key. #Cancel has been trending for 4,304 days straight. #Cancel trends every day, but now it has his a landmark number. Every single day someone is canceled. Typically it is well deserved. Often it is astonishing that the canceled individual ever had a platform to begin with. The people who complain most about cancel culture are often the people who have something to hide. This isn’t always the case though. Research suggests that almost every single person in existence could be canceled. Anyone could be in trouble if the right story broke out at the right time. Theories suggest that World War 3 will be exclusively a virtual war; where the last uncanceled people will be the victors. We are anticipating our opportunity to report on World War 3.

#Cancel Trends Every Day, So Why Mention It Now?

Initially it was subtitle that cancel was trending every day. Journalists have recently noticed the consistent news on canceling. It has become hard to miss, so we went back and tallied it up. We counted 4,304 days in a row that cancel has trended. The record could break any day, but we doubt it will. Data analyses suggest that the frequency in cancelations has increase by 420%. This number is incredibly significant, and trending figures show that it is not ending any time soon. Cancelations need to decrease significantly to end the streak, and celebrities just won’t stop being controversial. There are plenty more deserved cancelations needing to occur, so the trend is likely here to stay.

Realible World News will be sure to keep up with this breaking story, and we will also be sure to keep an eye out for the 4,305th day #cancel trends.

Update: #Cancel trends for the 4,327th time in a row. The record won’t break any time soon.