MLB Changes Name to BLM, Will Fans Embrace It Or Hate It?

Major League Baseball will never be the same again. Coming later today is a permanent name change to the MLB. History will be made as MLB changes name to BLM. BLM is reported to stand for Baseball League Majors, highlighting all the major players in field. Research says that the move is to further alienate the current fanbase that is not responding well to the current political temperament revolving around the sport. The leaders behind the decision are confident that it will be accepted with open arms. When asked, an anonymous source said “We are ecstatic to announce our departure from our outdated name. Baseball isn’t about baseball anymore, it is about something much more than that. The “B” in “MLB” has always been unnecessary, but it will be more important than ever in BLM. We anticipate seeing responses to this name change”. We also anticipate the reactions tonight.

MLB Changes Name For Publicity?

The MLB is already at the forefront of the public eye, so why would they need more attention? Upset fans on social media have declared the act a publicity stunt. Research suggests that the MLB have nothing to gain for changing the name, and it is a risky move to antagonize their redneck fan base. It is hard to imagine that this move is for attention. Perhaps the MLB really do respect their minority players. For the first time, even the most die-hard racist might be chanting for BLM. We anticipate the responses to the official announcement.

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