Chris Rock Will Reportedly Reprise His Role As Osmosis Jones In Spider-Man 3

There is a lot of hype surrounding Marvel’s latest Spider-Man 3, but this news takes the cake. Chris Rock will be reprising his role as Osmosis Jones in Spider-Man 3. Whether the multiverse is responsible for explaining this or not, everyone is excited to see him return. ‘Osmosis Jones’ is a classic, and fans have been waiting to see characters from the film return. With Osmosis Jones back in action, nothing can stop this movie from being a massive blockbuster, not even Tom Holland’s little slip that delayed production.

What Does Spider-Man 3 Have To Do With Osmosis Jones?

Spider-Man 3 has everything to do with Osmosis Jones. The movie is looking to have some major star power, and we can expect to see countless classic characters return. Osmosis Jones is probably the most hyped up role to date. Seeing Alfred Monlina return as Doc Ock is exciting, but the return of Osmosis Jones is just the real news here. Doc Ock is supposed to be dead. It makes sense why we haven’t seen him return to the big screen, but Osmosis Jones’ return has been long awaited. Some battles Peter Parker can’t win. Even three Peter Parkers can’t take down the Sinister Six, but with some help from Osmosis Jones, this becomes a fair battle. The Spider-Men can fight the villains externally, but Osmosis Jones can hit them where it really counts, on the inside.

Is This Even Real?

We are confident on the return of Osmosis Jones. Besides it just making sense entirely, it seems that all of Twitter is hyping up his return. There is no way this hype can be ignored. Even if Osmosis Jones wasn’t originally intended to be in the film, there is no way the studio will ignore this hype. A year ago it seemed impossible to see three Spider-Men share the screen, so anything is possible now.

What do you think about Chris Rock reprising his role as Osmosis Jones in Spider-Man 3? Does this seem random, or does it seem absolutely necessary? Let us know in the comments.