Spider-Man 3 Delayed After Tom Holland Suffers Injury On Set

Spider-Man 3 Delayed

Fans cannot wait for Spider-Man 3. The previous film, Spider-Man Far From Home ended on a major cliff hanger. No one knows what comes next for Peter Parker. His identity is now known to the world thanks to Mysterio. Now fans have been waiting patiently to see what comes next. Fans will have to wait though, as Spider-Man 3 is now delayed. The news is disappointing, as the wait is killing fans. The film was not delayed due to the current pandemic though. Spider-Man 3 is delayed due to Tom Holland suffering from an injury while filming.

Why Is Spider-Man 3 Delayed?

Tom Holland suffered a major injury while filming for Spider-Man 3. The actor fell during a parkcore scene involving a fountain. The surrounding areas were wet and it caused the actor to slip and fall as he was performing a flip. Tom Holland was under water with a head injury for about 7 minutes before anyone even knew it happened. He spent the night in the hospital, but now he is fine. Due to the injuries, filming will have to wait for a couple more weeks. The movie had only just started filming this week, but hopefully it is all smooth sailing after this.

What Comes Next For The Production?

The film was continue development as planned, but filming will have to wait a couple of weeks. The film is bringing in Doctor Strange to mentor Spider-Man. With all of the star power coming to Spider-Man 3, the stakes are high for the film. Spider-Man has a trilogy curse. Either the third movie is hater by fans, or the third movie never even reaches the start of production. This Spider-Man 3 has the chance to break the curse, but it is not off to a good start.

Are you excited for Spider-Man 3? Send Tom Holland some get well soon wishes on Twitter, and hopefully filming will resume next week. We will update the story as developments are made.

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