Elon Musk Rockets To The Moon In Efforts To Find “Out Of This World” Memes

Elon Musk rockets to the moon in search of memes. He is tired of the Earth’s mediocre memes. The business tycoon has announced that he is sending a rocket to the moon. This quest is in efforts to find “out of this world” memes. Additionally, he hopes to bring back plenty of unique and high quality memes to Earth. There is no information however, on if these memes are currently available. Additionally, no one knows if the memes will be published and shared on the internet for free. Some speculate that the memes will be locked behind a paywall. Fans are creating more memes as Elon Musk rockets to the moon. Perhaps these new memes are part of the plan. It is not believed that Elon will be satisfied by these new memes.

What Sparked Elon Musk Rocketing To The Moon?

Elon has a lot to run from. Whether it be business meetings, life stressors, or the birth of his new daughter. What do memes have to do with it all though? No one can be sure. There is a lot of speculation on the topic.

Firstly, he could be looking for new memes that satisfy his genius. Intelligent men typically need stronger levels of comedy to produce a laugh. It is possible that Earthly memes do not do it for him anymore. Secondly, it is possible that Elon is using the memes as a distraction. He could be looking for something else on the moon. Disguising his trip as a search for memes could keep government agencies off his back. Lastly, Elon Musk could be dead serious. He is known as a fan of memes. Additionally he is a huge anime fan. It is not farfetched to believe that he would search for memes.

Realible World News will follow the rocket launch, and we will be sure to reveal the news on these goundbreaking memes as they are available.

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