Top 5 Video Game Songs Too Cool For Nerdy Gamers

Gaming can be extremely cool, but sometimes the soundtrack is just too cool for their attended audience. Some songs from video games are so epic, it is hard to imagine they are even made for a video game. This is the top 5 video game songs too cool for nerdy gamers.

Top 5 Video Game Songs

5. Abracadavre – Kevin Sherwood

Kevin Sherwood – Abracadavre

This song goes hard. Starting with a creepy rendition of the Call of Duty Zombies theme song, the track leads into some nasty riffage. Kevin Sherwood did great producing this death metal track. The vocals by Elena Siegman are scary. First she starts whisper singing in a ghoulish way, and then breaks out into full screams. This track is no joke, and while it matches the zombies game mode well, it is hard to imagine most players could handle it.

4. The DK Rap – Grant Kirkhope

Grant Kirkhope – The DK Rap

The DK Rap is just too cool. No one expected to be greeted with the DK rap. Imagine pushing in your Donkey Kong 64 cartage, then pulling it out and blowing in it, then putting it back in and jiggling it a bit, and then finally getting the game functioning. Immediately after you hear some record scratches, and now Cranky is taking it away. This was everyone’s introduction to Donkey Kong 64. This song was just too cool for any gamer at the time and maybe ever. Grant Kirkhope is an amazing composer for video games, and with this song his legacy was sealed. The song is even more epic once you mash it up other rock tracks. His work in the Banjo Kazooie series is phenomenal as well.

3. Live and Learn – Crush 40

Crush 40 – Live and Learn

Where do we begin with this one? What 9 year old didn’t nearly mosh in their bedroom and jump off their car bed. This track was way too cool for Sonic. Sega’s own Crush 40 killed it with this track. Super Smash Brothers Brawl brought this track back and it was used in nearly every custom stage. Live & Learn is amazing. It is truly hard to believe that this song was ever made for a Sonic game.

2. Rip & Tear – Mick Gordon

Mick Gordon – Rip & Tear

Doom is at a whole other level when it comes to video game music. Doom and Doom Eternal might as well just be interactive soundtracks. The music is scarier than the game itself. Composer Mick Gordon even played this song live at the Game Awards 2016 and it was insane. This track belongs with the legends of metal music in general. It is hard to imagine Mick Gordon’s work was produced for a video game.

1. Ludens – Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon – Ludens

Bring Me The Horizon have basically created a new genre. Starting with Ludens, the band began work on their new album Post Human. The album will be releasing in 4 segments, and the first segment, Survival Horror, is due to release on 10/30/2020. Post Human: Survival Horror is looking to be the soundtrack to gaming, and it has a fitting name to be so. Ludens was created for Kojima Production’s Death Stranding. While the game hasn’t stayed too relevant since release, Bring Me The Horizon has. Ludens is a masterpiece, and it will be hard to imagine a video game song soaring to such heights. The band has played the song live and it will likely be a setlist mainstay forever. This song is way too cool for nerdy gamers. Just wait for that breakdown.

What did you think of the list? This has been the top 5 video game songs too cool for nerdy gamers. Did your favorites make the cut? Congrats, you are cool now.