A Day To Remember Release Pop Playlist On Spotify Called ‘You’re Welcome’

A Day to Remember have thrown a complete curveball within the music scene. Rather than releasing an album of original tunes, the band opted to release a playlist on Spotify. Playlists have become very popular. Many bands craft their tracks with Spotify playlists in mind. Securing a spot on a popular playlist can drastically increase monthly reviewers, play count, and other useful statistics within a band. A Day to Remember are once again trailblazing within their genre by cutting out the middle man and releasing a playlist themselves. The appropriately named playlist, ‘You’re Welcome’, compiles the most popular songs of the 2010s and throws them right back into the void.

What Songs Are Featured On The Playlist?

The playlist opens up with ‘Still Waiting’ by Sum 41. A great way to open up a fun summer playlist with some punk pop energy. The next couple of slots go to Imagine Dragons. I can see this becoming the soundtrack to any Dad’s commute to work. The fourth track on the playlist is an odd one. It is a match up of ‘Cursed’ by Gideon and ‘Better Now’ by Post Malone. Oddly enough it is actually really good. This fusion works and now I wish Post Malone would release a metalcore or hardcore record. The next song is a Tom Petty song called ‘F.Y.M’, and it is pretty catchy and fun. We don’t know what F.Y.M stands for, but I assume it is Fuck Your Mom. I can see Dads everywhere quitting their job and turning around after hearing this anti-job anthem. The next track is one for the pop fans. ‘Talk To Much’ by coin takes the sixth slot on the playlist. This chorus is catchy, and it almost sounds like three other existing songs.

The playlist continues in a similar vein to the previously established vibes. Additional appearances from Post Malone occur, as well as two Blink-182 tracks, and the closing track ‘Happy Ending’ by Avril Lavigne. The playlist isn’t bad, but after a five year wait, it seems that rehashing already exciting songs is a bit disappointing.

Why Did A Day To Remember Release A Playlist anyways?

The band is done making their own music it seems. Metalcore and pop punk are a young man’s game. The band is full of grown adults looking for real jobs. If the band wants to focus more on playlists and acting as a radio station, we can respect it. While the playlist wasn’t received well, I believe their is an audience for anything. Some reviewers even swear that the playlist just takes some time to grow on you. I look forward to hearing this playlist all over the radio.

What do you think about A Day to Remember’s new Spotify playlist? Did you enjoy ‘You’re Welcome’? Let us know in the comments.