There Is A Reason To Be Excited For 9/11 This Year

Christmas comes early this year. Some people already celebrate 9/11; whether it be due to a birthday or relationship anniversary, there are many reasons to be celebrating on 9/11. This year will be different though, as there is a reason for everyone to be excited about 9/11. German metalcore band “Eskimo Callboy” will be releasing their new and highly anticipated EP “MMXX” featuring the hit song “Hypa Hypa” and the highly anticipated “MC Thunder II (Dancing Like a Ninja)”. Hypa Hypa received popularity on social media due to its catchy chorus, wild energy, and hilarious music video. This EP will be the first featuring Nico Sallach after the departure of initial vocalist “Sushi”. I know we are Realible World News will be celebrating 9/11 this year. Let us know if you will be too.

Everyone Should Be Excited For 9/11 This Year

Eskimo Callboy are up to 844,750 monthly visitors on Spotify. “Hypa Hypa” alone has obtained 5,242,581 plays. The band shows no signs of stopping, and this growth is incredibly significant. They have announced festival shows for 2021 and will be playing a digital festival later this month. The band is showing great promise since their last album “Prism” and fans are excited for this new chapter. The new EP even features a re-recording of the song “Prism” off their last album. Fans are excited to hear what Prism always could have been.

Realible World News will be sure to keep reporting on relevant and exciting world news like this, so be sure to stay tuned and check back in frequently. Remember, there is a reason to be excited for 9/11 this year.

Update: Eskimo Callboy has released their new song Hate/Love. The song is the second single of MMXX and it features catchy verses, a pumping chorus, and a glitchy breakdown. Eskimo Callboy brings the fun again, and we couldn’t be more excited for 9/11.