2020 Debates: Chester Cheetah Versus Pinocchio In The Epic Battle To Rule America

Who would win in a fight? A whacky corporate cartoon cheetah or a clueless puppet with deteriorating health? This is what the 2020 debates have come down to, and the United States couldn’t be more excited. For months Americans have anticipated the epic battle between Chester Cheetah and Pinocchio. Tensions are higher than ever, and fans of both side seem to hate their opponent more than they like their mascot. Tonight on television the 2020 debates will air, and chaos will surely run rampant live on television. Neither mascot is expected to show any knowledge or any class. Chester Cheetah is prone to acting cocky and belligerent during debates, and Pinocchio is known for getting caught up in his own confused lies.

How Did The 2020 Debates Come Down To An Inexperienced Cartoon Cat And A Clueless Puppet?

This debate may seem confusing to people outside of the Unite States, but this is actually quite normal. Every four years the debates come down to the last two people that ever should have been given this platform. No one quite knows how either debater has any fans at all, not even the fans themselves. It is as if they are all just in too deep, and everyone doubled down on their beliefs instead of admitting that they were ever wrong. The logic seems faulty, but the fans are willing to fight to the death during this epic battle.

Who Will Win?

It is hard to believe that Pinocchio could ever stand a chance in a debate. The confused puppet not only seems lost, but he also could be on drugs. He refused to take a drug test despite even minimum wage workers are forced to all the time. While Chester Cheetah can talk out of his cocky ass and deliver to his fans, it is unlikely that he will gain any more respect after the debates. Even if the cheetah wins, it will not change his popularity. He is already drastically disliked, and we are positive that this trend will only continue after the 2020 debates conclude.

Who are you siding with? Come back after the debate and let us know who you think won.