Man Wearing Black Lives Matter Shirt Celebrates The Death Of Herman Cain

In a hypocritical move, a handful of Black Lives Matter activist seem to be celebrating the death of a black man. One would think that activists for Black Lives Matter would celebrate all black lives, whether someone is a successful business man and father, or a single man that fell on hard times and did some time. All black lives should matter, period. This is where the narrative seems to get confused. If you were to look at social media trends, you’d see many people celebrating the death of a black man over having different opinions. Herman Cain was a republican, avid Trump supporter, and was often spotted not wearing a mask, but does this make his life not matter? Your life should matter regardless of your opinion, your past, or your criminal record; this should hold true through most circumstances.

We interviewed a disgruntled Twitter user who said “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Herman Cain was not wearing a mask at a Trump rally and now he paid the price. He should have been smart and listened to science”. Science explained to the user that he never told Herman Cain personally to wear a mask, but he understands the concerns. The irony is definitely there, but to celebrate the death of a man who was beloved in the work place and in his community is cruel; this argument is the equivalent to laughing at the death of a reckless driver or a daredevil. People do risky things all the time, but it doesn’t make their death any more deserved.

Realible World News will keep an eye on this controversial story as it develops.