Jeff Bezos Steps Down As CEO of Amazon, Now Replaced By A Human

It is official. The robot that ran Amazon is stepping down. Jeff Bezos will no longer be CEO of Amazon. His replacement is Andy Jassy, a human man who does not seem to be made out of machinery. This is big news, as Amazon hasn’t had a human CEO since its inception. What does Amazon look like without a robot CEO? No one knows yet, but we are free to speculate.

Will Amazon Finally Care About Human Life?

While one might believe without Bezos Amazon is free to feel human, this may not be the case. Some humans bare striking similarities to robots. Jeff Bezos was even mistaken for being human sometimes. This shows how eerily similar the two can be. It is possible that Andy Jassy is just as robotic as a robot. Andy has been an employee at Amazon for over 24 years. This is not a feat any real human could possibly pull off. It is more likely that the new CEO is half machine at best.

What Will Jeff Bezos Do Now?

News outlets have reported that Jeff Bezos will work as executive chairman for Amazon, but this is a lie. The previous CEO will be creating a new city known as Bezosvill. No humans will be allowed to step foot in Bezosvill. All residents will be robots, or at least half robots. This includes business personnel, delivery staff, chefs, and more. There will be no diseased human in Bezosvill. Robots cannot contract covid-19, so Jeff Bezos is hoping to be able to live a normal life once again. No masks will be allowed inside the walls of Bezosvill.

What do you think about this major transition? Do you think Jeff Bezos made the right move? Do you wish you could go to Bezosvill? Let us know in the comments.