Amazing Poodle Haircuts: The Best Hairstyles For Your Boujee Pup

Are you sick and tired of your Poodle looking like a forgotten dust bunny? Those days are over. With a big enough purse and a skilled enough groomer, you could finally have a boujee pup. These are the most amazing poodle haircuts as rated by professionals.

The Best Boujee Poodle Haircuts


The MAGA Cut

This hairstyle SCREAMS boujee. No one will assume you make less than a million a year if your Poodle has the MAGA cut. The dog might as well be holding a deed to your Newport Beach, California beach front property. This haircut basically reads as a bank statement. If you want an amazing Poodle haircut that shows off your status, this is the haircut for you.

The Minecraft

A Standard Minecraft Poodle
A Toy Minecraft Poodle

The Minecraft cut is perfect. The cube like shape is perfect for boujee families. If your Poodle has this cut, everyone will know how stylish and unique your tastes are. These are the tastes of an absolutely aristocrat. It doesn’t matter which version of the Minecraft cut your Poodle has. Your Poodle is guaranteed to be the center of attention. If your Poodle is the center of attention, then so are you.

The Pastel Pride

The Pastel Pride Cut

One of the most boujee cuts on the list is the Pastel Pride Cut. This haircut is basically a walking fashion statement. It is the most flamboyant on the list, but flamboyancy goes hand-in-hand with fashion. Your Poodle will get instagram famous nearly immediately if you give it this pastel cut. This is just one of the many amazing haircuts that can get your dog the attention you crave.

The Hybrid

The Hybrid

This haircut is the most attention grabbing of all. Nearly everyone will do a double take when this boujee pup walks by. If a normal Poodle isn’t boujee enough for you, a Poodle Octopus hybrid should do it. Taking an octopus on a walk is a sure way to get a ton of attention. This is one however, is one of the more difficult haircuts to pull off. The cut is not complete without separate attachable tentacles. If this isn’t a problem for you, we highly recommend getting the Hybrid cut.

Why Would Someone Get One Of These Amazing Poodle Haircuts?

While some people might not understand the perks of these boujee haircuts, the fashionable will. If these haircuts don’t appeal to you, it is possibly a personal problem. These haircuts are guaranteed to get you attention. It would be a mistake to miss out on all that dopamine inducing attention.

What did you think about these amazing Poodle haircuts?? Are you going to get your Poodle one of these cuts? Let us know in the comments.