Aliens Are Real And They Are Addicted To ‘How It’s Made’

Aliens are real, and apparently they cannot get enough of human television. The Galactic Federation finally made contact with the Earth, but not for the reasons that one would expect. However, they have no intentions of involving themselves in human affairs. The aliens are exclusively into human entertainment. They are particularly interested in the show ‘How It’s Made’. This hilarious program showcases how humans create certain products. The aliens also enjoy HGTV shows such as ‘Property Brothers’ and ‘Love It Or List It’.

So Why Do Aliens Love ‘How It’s Made’ So Freaking Much?

While aliens don’t seem interested in human products themselves, they sure are interested in how we make them. To extra-terrestrials, this show is more of a comedy than it is informative. They gather around with their friends and watch as humans inefficiently create goods. It is basically a giant roast session. Apparently the human race is incredibly behind these advanced species of extra-terrestrial. This makes for entertaining television for them.

Why Does The Galactic Federation Want Nothing To Do With Earth?

Can you blame them? The Earth is full of drama. Current residents with similar traits and interests can’t get along, so it is unlikely that aliens have much faith in us. Aliens are much classier than Earthlings. Our scandalous and shameless television is exceptionally interesting for them. It is the type of low-brow comedy that no alien has the lack of respect to create. Humans are the only species in the galaxy that make celebrities out of horrible role models. Aliens get a huge kick out of this backward concept.

Does This Have Anything To Do With The Monoliths?

The aliens were not responsible for the monoliths popping up all over the Earth. This was the work of Nintendo. The event was a huge publicity stunt to hype up a new game. The game is expected to be revealed during the 2020 Game Awards. The stunt was controversial and exciting, but some were disappointed that extra-terrestrials were not responsible.

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