What Are Pugs? Science Suggests They Are Aliens From Space

What exactly are Pugs? Previously it was believed that they are a breed of dog. New data suggests that Pugs are actually aliens from space. No one knows how or when they got on Earth. Most people accept them and love them for what they are. It is unknown how humans will respond to the fact that Pugs are aliens. Science suggests that they are aliens due to their unique skeleton and biology. Pugs do not make sense as habitants of Earth. The Pug struggles to breathe due to their facial shape, but this might not have been a problem on their home planet. Science suggests that Pugs are from a planet with a higher concentration of oxygen. Too much oxygen can be fatal, so the Pug evolved to absorb less oxygen into its nasal cavity.

So How Did Pugs Get To Earth Then?

This is the part that not even Science can reveal. There are plenty of conspiracies about aliens previously visiting Earth. The most popular of these theories involve aliens being the constructors of the Pyramids. Perhaps aliens left the Pug on Earth during this time. If Pugs are the canines of another planet, it is safe to assume that the canines from this planet all share similar features. Aliens leaving them on Earth is the main theory supported by the online community, but many more theories could arise in the near future.

Are They Still Considered Dogs?

While it seems like Pugs are hardly a conventional breed of dog by Earth’s standards, they may be the standard on another planet. It is safe to assume that most canines from the Pug’s origin planet would share a similar build to the breed. While Earth can still consider the Pug a breed of dog, it would be wise to acknowledge and appreciate their origins.

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