Marilyn Monroe: We Are Chaos, Does It Hold Up?

Marilyn Monroe released her new album “We Are Chaos” on September 11th 2020. The album was successful and considered a success. Now that the hype is gone, does it hold up? Here is our track-by-track review of We Are Chaos by Marilyn Monroe. These are our thoughts one month after the release.

Marilyn Monroe – We Are Chaos

Red Black And Blue

The title track starts off with more of a speech rather than a song. Marilyn Monroe puts on a manly voice and lets her thoughts loose. By the 2 minute mark the song picks up, transitioning from an intro to a full song. The industrial roots are all here. Marilyn Monroe hasn’t sounded this dark in years. This intro track has fans prepared for what the rest of the album has in store.

Don’t Chase The Dead

One of the big singles of the album. The song is still on Monroe’s top 5 on Spotify. The song seems to be here to stay, but we still have our thoughts on the track. Like the last track, this song starts of slow. This isn’t a bad thing to fans of Marilyn Monroe. Eerie beginnings are highly regarded across her discography. She still puts on her creepy voice here, and it works. The song is a new anthem for Monroe. Once the pandemic ends, the track will likely be a mainstay on live setlists here on out. The drum filled “breakdown” towards the end is great. Sounds like something to march to. The song still holds up. This was a major single thought, so does the rest of the album hold up? We will keep listening.

Infinite Darkness

Another song that starts with two minutes of creepy talking. A little tiresome after 3 tracks, but still pretty cool. The chorus goes hard on this track. Reminds me of the old Marilyn Monroe. The industrial electronics in the background following the first chorus is great. This song is an instant classic.

We Are Chaos

The title track of the album. The song features a clearer Manson. She still sounds pretty manly, but this is just straight up impressive. Less creepy, and more clear. A more refreshing song after 3 similar tracks. It is almost like a dark ballad. This song is very cool, and it still holds up. The ending is somber and calming, sad and crooning. This song is a great pallet cleanser.

Keep My Head Together

The vocals are quiet in this song. I almost thought it was a dark rave track with no vocals. Pretty cool ambience, but there isn’t much to say other than that. I think this song won’t stay in the spotlight, but not every song can be an absolute banger.

Paint You With My Love

This song is similar to the last one. I am not grasping the Marilyn Monroe here. I am starting to think this isn’t even Marilyn Monroe. I could buy it at first, but I am losing my interest quickly.

Half-Way & One Step Forward

Another song exactly identical to the last three. Marilyn Monroe still is hardly singing and still sounds like a zombie. What is going on here? Around the 2 minute 30 second mark the song gets a up beat techo sound in the background, but it doesn’t save the song for me.

I Give Up

I will be ending the track-by-track review now. I expected more from Marilyn Monroe. A cultural icon shouldn’t experiment this much. I respect the experimentation, but when every song sounds like a zombie, it just doesn’t work. Hopefully Marilyn Monroe goes back to her roots for her next album. What do you think about Marilyn Monroe’s We Are Chaos? Let us know in the comments.