No More Heroes Switch: How Is Travis Touchdown Not Canceled?

No More Heroes is now available on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was a complete surprise. As of this morning, no one knew No More Heroes and its sequel were coming to Nintendo Switch. This is a smart more, as No More Heroes 3 will be arriving next year. This port has me visiting the 12 year old game, and I hate to say it, but this did not age well. Travis is incredibly cancelable in 2020.

No More Heroes Switch: Why It Hasn’t Aged Well

The dude literally tries to lift up the skirt of a woman after only the first boss of the game. The guy also really pushes for sex constantly. Upon beating the second boss of the game, I visited the gym. Here I was sexually harassed by the owner of the gym. He told me to get naked and bend over like as if I was using a Japanese toilet. The text was shocking. Additionally there are no trigger warnings or anything. This type of dialogue could really do some damage.

While the game is obviously a self parody, some times it goes too far. Actually it goes too far nearly constantly. The deadpool game and films are often critiqued for being edgy just to be edgy. No More Heroes takes this type of edge to a whole new level. It is like they are just trying to get canceled. I mean Travis recharges his beamsword by jacking off. Imagine being a poor innocent girl and you are just trying to play a popular game. Next thing you know, the protagonist is fapping in your face.

In What Other Ways Does The Game Cross The Line?

The game is not approachable at all. The over the top gory action is a bit harsh on the eyes as well. Every enemy is cut in half either vertically or horizontally. Almost no one gets to keep their limbs in No More Heroes. The first boss even bleeds out of three different wounds. Despite this however, the action and combat is extremely fun and well designed. Even without the Wii’s motion controls, the action is a blast.

This isn’t exactly a review, but I give No More Heroes Switch a solid 10/10. While Travis isn’t canceled yet, I respect his ability to try so hard to make it happen.

What do you think about No More Heroes Switch? Should we write about the sequel as well? Additionally, let us know your thoughts on the series in 2020.