Ryan Reynolds’ Stoner Parody ‘A Christmas Blunt Roll’ Reboot of ‘A Chistmas Carol’

After receiving hate about ‘Stoned Alone,’ Ryan Reynolds is doubling down. This isn’t the only Ryan Reynolds’ stoner parody in the works. ‘A Christmas Blunt Roll’ is his next endeavor into stoner comedies nobody asked for. Ryan Reynolds, Canadian-American actor, film producer, and entrepreneur, has created an empire. From superhero star to gin manufacturer, Reynold’s long list of accomplishments continues to grow. This next confident step in his career may be his last.

Why Do People Hate This Ryan Reynolds’ Stoner Parody?

Let’s face it, stoner movies aren’t good. With the possible exception of Pineapple Express, watching people smoke weed and fumble through whacky situations typically makes a boring movie. Combining these elements with sacred, classic family films doesn’t sit well with fans of the originals. A stoned Reynolds defending his home from intruders sound like fun, but do we really need a full movie? Why is are these Ryan Reynolds’ Stoner Parodies being made in the first place? Some think it’s intentional career suicide, while others believe it’s the next move of a genius. We at Realible are fans of Ryan Reynolds’ work. There’s nothing better than sipping on Aviation Gin and watching Detective Pikachu.

Opinion on Reynold’s New Endeavor

One self-proclaimed Reynolds super fan stated “This will make for the perfect Christmas morning. Spark up with the wife and kids, open presents, and watch A Christmas Blunt Roll. Only thing missing in gingerbread, apple pie, and more Christmastime munchies.”

Meanwhile, one mom of 3 strongly disapproves these films. “I can’t stand Deadpool. I hate all his movies. My kids and I went to see the new superhero movie and I walked into this porno. Now he’s making movies about smoking marijuana? Disgusting. I can’t stand Deadpool and now he’s trying to ruin Christmas.” Little did this mother know, there is another, far more inappropriate, superhero movie.

What are your thoughts? Will ‘Stoned Alone’ and ‘A Christmas Blunt Roll’ be new holiday classics, or disgraceful knockoffs of the originals?