Fred Durst 64: The Greatest Game Of The 90’s Is Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

Limp Bizkit is making a huge comeback as of late, and what better way is there to celebrate than finally getting a next-gen remake of the legendary game, Fred Durst 64. If you were a 90’s kid, you remember this game fondly. While many gamers hail Super Mario 64 or Banjo-Kazooie as the most charming games from the N64 era, teenagers from that time frame know that Fred Durst 64 is the pinnacle of 90’s gaming. The game is as controversial as the real world figure, but it is all just in the spirit of nu-metal. The next-gen remake is being developed by Rockstar games and the studio swear that they will offer an immersive open-world beat-em-up experience that also retains all of the charm from the original. The game that defined the 90’s is coming back to define the 20’s. Here is everything you need to know about Fred Durst 64.

Fred Durst 64

Fred Durst 64 is often credited with being incredibly ahead of it’s time. The graphics looked nearly photorealistic; it was easy to recognize the Limp Bizkit frontman of the real world within his 64 bit polygonal model. Enough about the game’s graphical prowess, let’s get to the real significance of the game. The 90’s is remembered as a great era and this is almost exclusively because of this game. The game is culturally significant for following an icon through an adventure that highlights the era so well. Whether the game captures the style, sound, and political landscape of the 90’s, it captures any subject it tackles so perfectly. Between Fred Durst’s JNCO jeans, the skate culture found within the game, and terrorizing suburban neighborhoods, the game is basically a 90’s simulator.

Another aspect worth highlighting is the game’s soundtrack. Rather than just play Limp Bizkit songs on loop, the game features a nostalgic and comforting mixture between the style of classic Nintendo or Grant Kirkhope and nu-metal. Check out the game’s theme below. You won’t regret; in fact you might even just Break Stuff.

Limp Bizkit – Fred Durst 64 Main Theme

Re-Arranged For Next Generation Consoles

Fortunately Fred Durst 64 is not stuck in the 90’s. The critically-acclaimed game is bringing all of the 90’s nostalgia to the modern day. The timing is perfect too, as Limp Bizkit are making a major comeback right now. The game features an even larger open-world, with more photorealistic graphics fit for the modern day consoles. The game will also have an epilogue that features “Dad Vibes” Fred Durst learning how to live in 2021. The plot follows the cancelation of Limp Bizkit’s latest tour and features Fred Durst trying to readjust to the real world. Watch out though, the world is littered with anti-maskers who want nothing more than to give Fred covid-19. I think this game will be even more controversial than the original N64 game, but I applaud it for taking on such difficult topics.

Fred Durst 64: Re-Arranged will be releasing this Christmas for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Are you excited for the remake of Fred Durst 64? Let us know in the comments. I know I am going to go pre-order a copy right now.