The New Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Character Is Obviously This Guy

The evidence is apparent. The new Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Character being announced during the 2020 Game Awards will be Jonesy. Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now, and Nintendo would be lucky to have a representative within their game. Like Steve before him, Jonesy will bring a modern hit into the world of Super Smash Brothers.

What Evidence Supports This Conclusion?

There are countless rumors suggesting that Metroid Prime’s Samus Aran will be coming to Fortnite. This rumor could be coming to a close today. Epic Games is expected to make an announcement regarding season 5 of Fortnite during the Game Awards. What better way can Nintendo return the favor by adding Jonesy into Super Smash Brothers. If Nintendo and Epic Games join forces to make complementary major reveals at the Game Awards, this would be a major win for both companies.

How Would This New Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Character Play?

Jonesy’s moveset writes itself. His standard-special could be similar to Steve’s. He could build upwards, creating protection or just an object to ascent on. His recovery (AKA up-special) could either be paragliding or a grappling hook. Alternatively the grappling hook could be his throw, and also a tether recovery. His side-special could be shooting a powerful shotgun blast, or type of gun. Lastly his down-special could be planting a spike trap or explosive.

As for a final smash, Jonesy could summon upon the storm itself. In the cinematic attack it could show Jonesy gliding away, leaving all other players in the wake of the storm. This only further cements Jonesy as a fitting character to join the brawl.

What do you think of this crushing evidence? Do you think we will see Jonesy join the fray tonight? Let us know in the comments.