Arrested Development Season Six Announced For 2027 Release

Arrested development was revived by Netflix in 2013, and has busted out two seasons throughout the last 7 years. This speed is astonishing, and can only suggest that more is on the horizon. Just as speculation was increasing about when the release date would happen, Netflix confirmed Arrested Development season six would air in 2027. Some fans are disappointed by the news, and they feel that it sounds a bit rushed. True fans have learned to wait several years before being disappointed. Season four and five were met with criticisms, with many saying the quality of the show has decreased. This decrease was likely due to rushed production. Season four released after a seven year gap, and season five released after a 6 year gap. Clearly Netflix needs to increase these gaps if they want to find quality material. Some fans suggest that Netflix take 15 years for the next season, as who wouldn’t want to see a grandpa Michael Bluth in action?

We interviewed Jason Bateman regarding this interesting decision. Bateman said “Yeah Arrested Development is like a fine cheese. You have to let it sit for awhile, if you just start recording every script you right, well then you don’t have enough time to really let us ferment. We want the show to feel incredibly aged before it even airs. That nostalgic feeling fans get from the show just can’t be felt if the episodes appear too modern”. Good point Bateman. We anticipate the delayed release of Arrested Development season six.

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