A Day To Remember “You’re Welcome” Album Renamed “We’re Sorry”

A Day To Remember haven’t had much to say about their upcoming album “You’re Welcome”, but now an announcement has finally been made. A Day To Remember is changing the album name. “You’re Welcome” will now be called “We’re Sorry”. The name is likely a reference to the album having a whole year worth of delays. Originally slated for November 15th 2019, the album still has no confirmed release date. The band has yet to apologize for the delays, so they figured they could just put it in the album’s title. The move makes sense. Every fan now will have an apology directly on in front of them.

Why Did Was A Day To Remember Delay “You’re Welcome” So Many Times?

The album has been through it all. Between delays with producing high-quality art work, working with many different producers varying on the song style, and of course the covid-19 pandemic itself, A Day To Remember just can’t seem to catch a break. The band recently signed to Fueled By Ramen. This is a major record label that blew up similar bands to super star proportions. This signing comes at a difficult time, and it likely made an impact on their handling of the situation. Without touring to promote the album, and with covid affecting production of most goods, releasing a major album at this time would be difficult. The intended results yielded by such a major signing would likely be lost during this time.

Why Have Other Bands Released Albums During Covid?

Other bands didn’t have as much on the line. Previously signed bands already have understandings with their current labels. There is nothing to prove and nothing to wager. These established signings likely also have contracts that allow for promotion even during the current time. Record labels still need some revenue throughout 2020, they simply cannot cancel every single album slated for this cursed year. A Day To Remember are in a tough position, and hopefully fans will stick around for what is coming next.

“We’re Sorry” is going to be worth the wait. With an album name like that, it seems the band is self-aware, and they are likely ready to deliver what the fans have been waiting so long for.

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