Hypa Hypa: The Biggest Grammy Snub In History

Grammys do not come easy, especially for rock and metal bands. Every once and awhile there is a gem of a track that just screams Grammy material. 2020 was lucky enough to be blessed by such a track. Unfortunately the song was absent from the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. Critical and fan reception for Eskimo Callboy’s ‘Hypa Hypa’ was off the charts. The track was praised for its humor and fun music video, but the song isn’t just about the meme. You didn’t have to be a heavy metal fan to feel the contagious energy that can be found in the 80’s inspired track. The track had the advantage of showcasing a unique form of energy not seen at all throughout 2020.

The Hilarious Music Video For Hypa Hypa

The band brought the energy, the passion, the fun, and the attitude in this track. The song sounds good, and is an important demonstration of a vibe that could have been appreciated more over the course of the pandemic. While some people pee on Grammys, others just have them blatantly snubbed.

Why Does Hypa Hypa Deserve A Grammy?

Hypa Hypa is a timeless track. Listening to it now still brings the same enjoyment and positivity as the day it was released. The track is more than this a heavy song with some funny moments, it is a rare gem that truly shined during the darkest of times. The political and social climates were rough in 2020, especially during the 2nd half. The song released on June 19th, right before things got extra intense in the United States. While Eskimo Callboy are a German band, their comedic fun reached across the Atlantic Ocean and touched upon the hearts of Americans as well.

The cultural significance of Hypa Hypa cannot be ignored, even across other cultures. The track just hits every mark for Grammy material, and somehow it went ignored just because it wasn’t a mainstream genre of music. Some songs are worth opening your mind and taking it in despite the genre, and Hypa Hypa is one of them.

The Song Is Great, But Is It Really The BIGGEST Grammy Snub In History?

This snub is definitely the biggest in history. While there have been other regrettable snubs in the past, this one is unforgiveable. Slipknot and Korn lost during their prime, but went on to eventually win a Grammy anyways. Eskimo Callboy struck oil and hit gold with Hypa Hypa. There can never be another song like it, even if they (or someone else) try. The time in which the song released was a true test for the track itself. Releasing such a fun, positive, and high energy track during a downer of a time was a risk, and it paid off massively. The world needed to get hypa, and Eskimo Callboy made it happen.

What Do We Do About This? How Can We Make It Right?

If enough people reach out to the Grammys and shove Hypa Hypa down their throats, they might listen. History has never been rewritten when it comes to the Grammys, but this needs to be an exception. Hopefully the Grammys retcons the results of last year and awards Eskimo Callboy the Grammy. The backup plan would be that the people retcon the results themselves. If the whole world just declares Hypa Hypa the song of the year for 2020, it will retroactively become fact, whether the Grammys agrees or not. Perhaps someone should change the Wikipedia page and make this canon. Just kidding, we would never recommend anyone do such a thing…

What do you think of this Grammy snub? Will you let the Grammys know of their mistake? Let us know in the comments.