Disturbed Announces New Album ‘Down With The Virus’

Disturbed have been busy during lockdown. The band has announced that they have been secretly creating an album, and it is already completed. The album will be called ‘Down With The Virus’ and it will be exactly what it sounds like. Disturbed wanted to create an album that will act as a guidebook to the covid-19 pandemic. Lyrical content will include safety guidelines and general health advice. While ‘Down With The Virus’ could sound like they are enjoying the pandemic, and getting down with it, the band is actually against everything the virus stands for.

What Do We Know About Down With The Virus?

‘Down With The Virus’ will be a return to form for Disturbed. The band is bringing heat the likes of their debut record ‘The Sickness’, but this time Disturbed is here to educate the world about a real virus. The nu-metal tones will be loud and clear throughout the new record. When asked about the new album, vocalist David Draiman said “the new record will be exactly what the world needs right now. The world needs safety, guidance, and the return of nu-metal. Most bands aren’t speaking up about this virus, and we believe it is our duty to make a difference. For every band saying wearing a mask is communist, there is another band that wears masks for a living. We aren’t Slipknot, but we are putting on the mask”. It sounds like the world might be getting the first big metal record of the decade.

What Songs Are Featured On The Album?

The album is consistent in tone and lyrical content. This is nothing new to fans of Disturbed. Every song will be about the virus, the lockdown, or events that occurred within the 2020 year. The track list can be found below.

  1. The Virus
  2. The Sickness Returns: Wear Your F*cking Mask
  3. Coughing Up Blood
  4. Mask The Hate
  5. Consequential Demise
  6. Lockdown and Load
  7. Prayer Of The Fallen
  8. Displacement Of Responsibility
  9. Fall Of The Elders
  10. Liberate The Silenced

The band promises to wear masks in every music video. This is not due to the set being unsafe, but to normalize wearing masks in 2020 and beyond.

When Does This New Disturbed Album Release?

The album will release December 18th, 2020. This is also the last day of Hanukkah, and that is not a coincidence. Disturbed frontman David Draiman was raised Jewish. The band even recently played their first show in Israel, and played the Israeli national anthem. It sounds like this may be the biggest album in modern Jewish metal.

What do you think about ‘Down With The Virus’? Do you think it is a little too “on the nose”? Let us know in the comments.