Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course, Bongi Bon Jovi Revealed

Cuphead's Delicious Last Course

Cuphead has became a classic. The game went on to achieve major success on all major consoles, and now a Netflix series is in development. This type of success raises a lot of questions. What is next for the Cuphead franchise? Is Cuphead 2 on the horizon? As of now, the promised DLC, Cuphead’s ‘Delicious Last Course’ has not been released. A full sequel to the original game is unlikely to happen any time soon. The game’s DLC will need to release first. However, there is finally a development update regarding the highly anticipated downloadable content. Upon announcement, Ms. Chalice was announced as a brand new playable character. She will not be the only new playable addition. A fourth playable character is now coming to Cuphead. This new character is Bongi Bon Jovi, and he looks devilishly delightful.

Who Is Bongi Bon Jovi?

Bongi Bon Jovi is the fourth and final playable character coming to Cuphead. He is a humanoid bong pipe. He is physically similar to the initial cast. The main difference between Bongi Bon Jovi and Cuphead, Mugman, and Miss Chalice is his sinister facial appearance. He bares a scheming grin and a pointy nose, but this only adds to the casts’ personality. Having a new character like Bongi Bon Jovi can only add to the charm of the game itself.

Is There Any New Abilities In Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course?

Like Ms. Chalice, Bongi Bon Jovi also has new special moves. He can blow bubbles which grant him a slow fall ability, and he can heat up to inflict damage upon touch. The gameplay additions Bongi Bon Jovi will bring to the game are fantastic. This is bound to change the speed running scene forever. Fans have anticipated the release of Ms. Chalice for over a year now, and the reveal of Bongi Bon Jovi only adds to the excitement.

Isn’t Cuphead A Kid’s Game? Why Is There A Walking Bong?

Cuphead isn’t much of a kid’s game. Cuphead features the devil as a main antagonist, gambling gameplay, and many other adult themes. The game is aiming to take a more adult route here on out. Consider it a satire on the 1930’s animated genre. Old cartoons often had adult themes hidden within them, and Cuphead looks to be influenced by this.

What do you think of the new Cuphead character? Does Bongi Bon Jovi seem like a great addition to the cast? Are you excited for Cuphead’s Delicious Last Course? Let us know in the comments.

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